Lights Out Texas



In Texas, about one billion birds migrate through the state each year.

In the United States as a whole, an estimated one billion birds die from collisions due to attraction and disorientation from building lights.

Birds are an integral part of the global ecosystem and the Texas economy.

Lights Out Texas is a commitment from business and building owners, developers, and homeowners to help protect birds migrating through Texas by turning off all non-essential lighting between 11 pm – 6 am, which is the peak migration period for birds in our state.

Learn more at View nightly migration forecasts for Fort Worth here.

At Frost Tower Fort Worth, we’re:

  • Requesting each tenant turn off as many lights as possible between 11pm and 6am
  • Turning off exterior lights at the top of Frost Tower Fort Worth
  • Turning off exterior lights on the 12th floor outdoor patios